Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DWJ March: Public Service Announcement about Fire and Hemlock

Dying to read Fire and Hemlock before its rerelease next month? Love this bright and colorful cover? Then you're in luck! The Book Depository has it available somehow in this Harper Collins Children's version that was released in 2000. My copy just shipped today which means there also might be time for a F&H group read before the month is done!

You're welcome to wait until April 12 for the new Firebird version (at half the price of the other one) but if you just can't wait, then get to ordering! I may end up buying this version later as I would love to read the introduction by Garth Nix but I'm not a huge fan of the cover so I'm glad to have been able to have a choice.

(Note: The link above is not an affiliate link. I just want you to buy this book for your own good.)

And don't forget to enter your DWJ reads from this month into the spreadsheet for the chance at a $20 gift certificate!

Celebrating early,


  1. This month has proved to be well beyond my ability to cope so far. I've managed to read all of two books, both of them short, YA, non-thinking sort of books. I tried to get into The Dark Lord of Derkholm, and while I can tell it will be lovely at a later time, it was far too complicated for me to understand while my brain was thinking 5 BIRTHDAY PARTIES IN THREE WEEKS and ONLY 2 WEEKS UNTIL WE LEAVE FOR THE CRUISE OMG WHAT DO I NEED TO PACK? and HOW MANY MORE DAYS OF SPRING BREAK ARE LEFT BEFORE THEY GO BACK TO SCHOOL? etc. Yeah. I do still have The Time of the Ghost sitting on my desk and I'm determined to get at least ONE DWJ book read this month, but I imagine that will be it. I'll just request Fire and Hemlock the moment I get back from the cruise, and hopefully it won't be checked out. HOpefully I can get it in time for the readalong!

  2. I'm well excited that Fire and Hemlock is coming back into print. That should always happen. I feel an urgent need to buy it even though I already have a copy, just to celebrate how joyful I will be to see it in print again.

  3. Jenners - I know! I especially love the magical font they used for her name.

    Amanda - I can only imagine how overwhelmed you are right now! And The Dark Lord of Derkholm took me some time to get into too so I am not sure it would be a good one if you are distracted. I wish I could get you a copy of Eight Days of Luke right now. I just finished it and it was a short, easy and engaging read. Still, no worries about the F&H read ... my book is coming from The Book Depository so I'm expecting about two weeks before I get it. I'll cross my fingers that your library has it available!

    Jenny - No joke. I am in one of the largest library systems in the country and they have ONE copy of it. ONE! It makes me want to have more than one copy for some reason. Luckily, I can buy both of these if I want. ;)

  4. I still have my original mmpb of Fire and Hemlock sitting downstairs on the bookcase, but I have to admit that I'm going to wait for the ebook before rereading as ebooks are SO much easier for me to read these days.

    I am still hoping to get some comments on my reread of Dogsbody with my 8 year old up online and I'm hoping I might get to read Cart and Cwidder for myself before the end of the month as that's where I'm up to in my own personal reread.

  5. Kerry - It's a shame that there are so few DWJ books as e-books and audiobooks. Hopefully that changes with some of the upcoming re-releases!