Monday, May 28, 2012

Comfort Reads: Conrad's Fate and The Pinhoe Egg

I was feeling a tad stressed out while getting everything ready for our vacation and was having trouble concentrating on a new read so I turned to my friend Diana Wynne Jones for help. The only Chrestomanci volume that I hadn't reread recently was this one and so I grabbed it and immediately got lost in these wonderful stories about Christopher and Cat Chant. I loved these stories when I first read them so it was like visiting old friends. Conrad's Fate stood out for having so very many bad parents and guardians. The Pinhoe Egg explored the dark side of magic in the hands of the greedy and petty and, well, I think it might actually be my favorite Chrestomanci book. With great characters and a bit of romance, these stories were the perfect escape before my actual escape.

I have to admit to feeling quite sad though that there will be no more Chrestomanci tales. These characters and worlds are so rich that there must have been hundreds of stories waiting to be told, out there in the fictional ether. Sigh.

With a bit of magic and melancholy,


  1. I liked a lot of these, but I think Conrad's Fate was my favorite of them.

  2. I am in love with that cover!! The young me would have been all over that! Hope your vacation is stress-free!

  3. Amanda - Conrad's Fate is a really good one too. I loved the iterations of the castle and the actual soul trapping in the camera!

    Jenners - Thanks! And one day I'm going to get you to try Diana Wynne Jones. :)