Thursday, August 16, 2012

Come Join the Chapter Book Read-Along Fun!

If you haven't yet heard of The Estella Society, a new, happy playground for book bloggers, head on over and check it out. It launched yesterday!

And while you're there, join me for the kick-off of the Top 100 Chapter Books Read-Along! I'll be hosting the read-along of two chapter books a month starting with The Wizard of Oz.

Starting an amazing adventure,


  1. I was just poking around over there. I need to do some more exploring … it looks like a neat place!

  2. Jenners - It's going to be a fun, new place with lots of good book bloggy content! I'm really excited about my part in it. :)

  3. It looks amazing. I'd like to join your RAL but with the new format I'm not sure how it'll work. How would you like us to join/post/etc? Will there be a linkie for each book, etc.?

    Sorry for the 20 questions. I want to do it right (and I'm an executive assistant so ORGANIZATION! and FOLLOWING GUIDELINES!)

    I'm looking forward to The Wizard of Oz. It's the only Oz book (by Baum) that I've never read.

  4. Tikabelle - There's no official sign-up for this one. You just show up at The Estella Society on the date posted for each book and there will be a group discussion post up. If you write about the book on your own blog, you can leave a link there. It's pretty informal! Glad to have you join!