Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#DWJMarch: Book Highlight -- Archer's Goon

Archer's Goon

A "goon" arrives at the Sykes house, demanding "two thousand words" that are supposedly owed to someone called Archer. While the family tries to figure out what is going on, they end up uncovering a complex magical balance between wizard siblings in their town and a crazy plot (or two).


A Case for Books, March 2011
British Fantasy Newsletter (Neil Gaiman), 1984
Reading the End, March 2012
The Book Smugglers, July 2013

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  1. See, now this is one where I cannot imagine them ever having a good cover illustration. The top one is okay (that's the one I have), but not better than okay. Even when I have dreams that somebody has produced a beautiful matching collection of all DWJ's books, the cover of Archer's Goon is never any good. :p

    1. I think the problem with many of the covers on this one is that they focus on the Goon because that's the title. But the story isn't about the Goon! I can't think what to put on there that would make sense or wouldn't be a spoiler though. Hmm.