Saturday, March 22, 2014

#DWJMarch: Favorite Villain

Favorite DWJ Villain ... this seemed like such a good prompt idea. After all, Diana is a master at creating stomach-churning villains. But then I started thinking too much about what I meant by "favorite". Do I mean her best character that happens to be a villain? Or perhaps I mean the one that I most love to hate? Or maybe I just meant the one that is so abhorrent that there is nothing to do but hate them? I'm not sure exactly so here are a few of the contenders.

Aunt Maria (Black Maria). The woman is E-V-I-L in a cute-old-lady package. She turns her own nephew into a wolf!

Gwendolen Chant (Charmed Life). I don't want to spoil too much about Cat's darling older sister but DAMN, she's a bad 'un.

Laurel (Fire and Hemlock). The ex-wife from hell.

Aunt Duffie (Dogsbody). This woman needs to be punished. What a horrible, horrible person to treat a young relative and refugee the way that she does. Disgusting.

Vivian Lee (A Tale of Time City). She comes in a close second to Gwendolen for the worst kid ever award.

Janine Mallory (Deep Secret) and Sibyl Temple (The Merlin Conspiracy). These two women would probably tie for the Worst Mother of the Year award as they were both willing to sacrifice their own sons to gain power.

I'm starting to notice a pattern here in which villains stand out most to me. They are all female and all family. Apparently that is something that seems especially inexcusable. Who gets your vote for favorite villain?


  1. Oh, ew, I forgot about Janine Mallory. What a piece of work she was. Still, though, I think Monigan's the worst of the villains. She creeps me out. All gray and dolly.

    1. Monigan is gross and terrifying but also somehow less real? I don't know. I've only read that book once though. I bet on reread, I'll remember her more and be totally creeped out again.

  2. God I hated Gwendolen, I couldn't stand her. And you're right, Aunt Duffie was disgusting. I wish I'd known DWJMarch was a thing, I'm a huge fan. Definitely next year. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It's wonderful to meet other fans. :)