Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wrap-Up: The Sci-Fi Experience

Sadly it's time to wrap-up The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience. My thanks once again to Carl for hosting this event!

I ended up reading twelve Doctor Who short stories, a couple of stories from The Time Traveler's Almanac, and, because those stories included Connie Willis' Fire Watch, I also had to reread To Say Nothing of the Dog. It was the first of her Oxford time travel stories that I read a couple of years ago and, I have to say, that it was much easier to follow this time through now that I (mostly) understand how the time travel mechanism and rules work. I also reaffirmed that it's still one of my favorite stories. It made me almost want to get a bulldog!

Now I guess it's time to get through some non-genre reads before DWJ March and the Once Upon a Time challenge. But, for later, do you have any recommendations for Harry Turtledove or Kage Baker reads? I enjoyed the stories from each of them in the anthology.

In my standard time and place again,


  1. You did well. I love Dr. Who but have never read any of the books. My grand-daughter however devours any she can get her hands on. :-)

    I seriously need to read some Connie Willis. I have The Doomsday Book but people talk a lot about To Say Nothing of the Dog so I must try that as well. Where's a good place to start with her?

    1. I have only read the one missing Douglas Adams episode and these. It might be a slippery slope for me though. ;)
      Doomsday Book is VERY heavy so I'm not sure I would start with that even though it was first. If you want time travel, I might even say start with Blackout/All Clear. If you just want to try Connie Willis, then I agree with Jean that she has some FANTASTIC short stories!

  2. Did i know that you'd read To Say Nothing of the Dog? I just read it too and the post goes up today. (So Cath, check me in a bit! I'd say to read some short stories, like the collection Impossible Things, first.)

    I loved Kate Baker 's Company series. It's very important to read them in order because they get very weird. Garden of Iden is first.

    1. It was on my reread list for the year but I didn't plan on reading it this early. It was all Fire Watch's fault. ;)
      The short story I read was a Company story, apparently the one she wrote for her mother to kind of explain the world briefly. It was definitely intriguing! I'll be sure to stick to the proper order.