Wednesday, October 28, 2015

RIP X: 10, Jackaby and 11, Beastly Bones

With Beastly Bones being released this month, I couldn't help but reread Jackaby as well because William Ritter has created a fascinating world of strange magic and malevolent creatures, part Sherlock Holmes, part Doctor Who. (I know it says this same thing in the cover copy but I swear that it is true. You will find yourself thinking of both as you read.) With a smart and secretly caring detective and a strong and capable female assistant, these stories are a pleasure to read. The crimes are bloody and the climaxes are explosive but everything is tempered with a bit of humor and romance, which makes these my ideal RIP books.

My review of Jackaby was actually posted a year ago tomorrow and I would be immensely pleased if Ritter could keep to this brisk schedule as he releases successive books in the series. I wouldn't mind total series rereads every October!

Under a spell,


  1. I just put Jackaby on hold at my library. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who: how can I not love this series?

  2. Is this an open-ended series, do you know, or is it done in three books? If it's open-ended I can read them all know, but if it's going to be done when the next book comes out, I'll probably wait.

    1. So that everyone knows the answer, we asked on Twitter and the author says it will be four books. :)