Thursday, December 3, 2015

#AMonthofFaves : Dec 3 - These Are A Few of My Favorite Things in 2015

Today is one of those random topic days --
Thu. | Dec. 3 – These Are A Few of My Favorite Things in 2015 – eg. to eat, drink, wear, smell, see, do, enjoy, best thing I bought, most used gift received etc, favorite concert, outdoor activity, place visited, most squee worthy moment of the year, biggest change.
The thing is that I feel like I didn't explore much this year. I just kind of got in ruts and did the same things I always do. But let's look back at my Instagram feed for the year and see what favorites pop out!
Read-a-thon and Scott Pilgrim ... and Z!
A bookstore in paradise
My CSA box
My favorite bookmark
My new bookshelves
Reading on the trampoline
The trust of my 12 year old kitty
My red maple
A successful selfie
My OlloClip macro lens
A chai latte on a school day
And I wish I had a picture of my most favorite things -- my blogging friends!

Figuring this post was worth 11,000 words,


  1. 11,000 words and a whole lot of smiles. Seriously, I love this post!

  2. I LOVE that you looked back at your year via the "lens" of Instagram! Such a great way to pick favorites. :)

  3. Instagram is a great way to look back. Agree with Andi. Usually, though, I just see wings, wings, and more wings there. :) But yours? Very nice mix of people, places, and things.

    1. Haha. Yes, we all know that Bryan likes wings. ;)

  4. Blogging friends are treasures.

    Beautiful library.

    Love that bookmark too.

    Nice post...thanks for sharing. Love your photos.


    Silver’s Reviews
    My A Month of Faves

  5. Clever way to reflect on your year! Love your new shelves, and making the trampoline your reading spot is top notch!

    1. I even bought some weatherproof pillows so that trampoline is really a little haven. :)

  6. Love those shelves! I used Instagram to look back too. I'm enjoying this look back on the year. So much can happen in that time.

    1. I picked one photo a month to limit it but loved looking back at all of them for the year!