Friday, December 4, 2015

#AMonthofFaves : Dec 4 - Picking Favorites

Today we get to promote some of the other participants of the event --
Fri. | Dec. 4 – #WeekendReading {Picking Favorites} – Let’s support each other by sharing our faves from other #AMonthofFaves participant blogs, eg. your favorite posts, a book added to your reading list, or a blogger you just discovered

Wesley of Library Educated made me want to visit Prague,
Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews and Emma of Words and Peace convinced me to give The Lake House another try (I started it but didn't get into it and put it down),
Tanya Patrice of Girlxoxo has me wanting a small blender,
Katie in MA and Andi have convinced me to finally get Between the World and Me onto my TBR.

I have also gotten 19 comments in three days which was overwhelming since I haven't been blogging regularly and I've forgotten what it's like to have people notice this little space! Anyway, I think that's a very productive start to the event! I am really looking forward to the rest of the month.

Clicking around,


  1. MonthofFaves is amazing, so many reading inspirations and I love how everyone supports each other's posts! Between the World and Me is in my tbr, too :)

    1. I love this event too, especially because it's not just about books. We get to learn all sorts of fun stuff about each other!