Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#MarchMagics - Favorite Ship

For the final prompt of March Magics, I chose Favorite Ship. As I was thinking about this one over the month though, I realized that I didn't have anything in mind to write about. But, having just finished Sourcery and while listening to House of Many Ways, I started thinking that a funny cross-author one would be a romance between Rincewind and Charmain Baker (ten years older, of course). Between Rincewind's complete lack of confidence and bravery and Charmain's inability to look before she leaps and never-ending belief in her absolute rightness, I think it would be hilarious to put the two of them together and I think it could eventually work to their mutual benefit.

Which two characters, either within the Pratchett or DWJ canon or between them, would you love to see get together?

Writing imaginary stories in my head,

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