Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#MarchMagics Link-Up Post

Come back as many times as you want and link up any March Magics posts you write this month. Please include your post title. I'll tweet out links to the posts if you put them here!


  1. Posted my first read-aloud! Linked it, but doesn't seem to be showing up just yet… Anyway, permalink is here:


    1. I just listened and I loved it! You have a fantastic reading voice!

  2. Thanks to Goldeen, I've become very sensitive to audio books and readings aloud. I've been subscribed to the news list, but the e-mail on the new post hasn't come last time. Hope that was a one time glitch.
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  3. I haven't been as involved as I wanted to be this year but I wanted to share why I love Sir Terry Pratchett! :)

  4. Better late than never, right? Just a little post about my reading journey with DWJ... she's been one of my favorites since I was about 12. Taking a page from Deborah's book with my post, because I haven't read any of DWJs books in a while and didn't feel like writing a review.

  5. I really enjoyed Equal Rites as you might guess from my review at