Sunday, April 17, 2016

Holiday's End

Though I've been reading quite a lot lately, I ended up taking a bit of a blog holiday the last two weeks. All the events of March Magics took a lot out of me! Instead of writing, I've been doing a lot of yard work and house cleaning and we had Z's Spring Break this last week. My mom came up from California for a short visit and just left yesterday. I can't believe it's already past the middle of April!

I did manage to place a nice Powell's order at the beginning of the month while they had a sale. I got six new-to-me books (all used or remaindered) and four that I wanted for my library. I've already read Excellent Women and The King's English.

And my mom and I went to Third Place Books this week and she bought me these four beauties as an early birthday present. (The big day isn't until the middle of this week.) The Shepherd's Crown is in paperback at the end of May and I'll grab that one then. I love the design of these and I will definitely be wanting to reread them soon!

This week, we'll be going back to school, celebrating my birthday, and getting ready for Readathon. I'm still hoping to get some catch-up blog posts written this week too but if I get caught up in life, I'm sure you'll all understand!

Sneaking back in,


  1. Yes, I will completely understand! Life happens, and blogging holidays are important. Looks like lots of very pleasant reading, however.

  2. Nothing really to say, just popping in to say hello! *waves*

  3. Look at those matching Pratchett books! I don't even care for Terry Pratchett, and I am awed by the beauty of your lovely new books. All matchy.