Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Company, In Short Form

Black Projects, White Knights is a collection of short stories set in Kage Baker's The Company alternate history series. The fifteen stories revisit some familiar characters like Mendoza, Joseph, and Kalugin and I enjoyed those but my favorite were the four stories featuring Alec, the mysterious child who is possibly genetically-modified, possibly a cyborg, but certainly a bright and unique boy. My favorite was The Dust Enclosed Here which happens to be available online. If you want to read a fun story about a technologically advanced kid who meets a holographic William Shakespeare and liberates him, then this is your lucky day!

I'm starting to get sad that I'm about halfway through the Company books already. Luckily it should take me some time to get through the remaining ones as they are getting very hard to track down! I have the next one (The Life of the World to Come) and a standalone (The Empress of Mars) but haven't found used copies of any others. Now I'm in the mood to scour my local used bookstores yet again ...

Enjoying the short but sweet tales,