Monday, July 10, 2017


Nine years ago ...

I had a little four year old kiddo who was off to preschool for a couple of hours each day.
I had some time to myself and wanted to find people to talk with about something other than parenting.
I had noticed book blogs and thought that I might like to try writing one.

Today ...

I have a big kid that is thirteen years old and starting eighth grade in the fall.
I get to talk to amazing people around the world almost every day about books, politics, and more.
I have a blog that is nine years old.

I don't know where the time goes but I couldn't be happier to have spent some of it doing this with all of you. Your friendships, discussions, and lives enrich mine. Thank you for making this a place and community that I don't want to leave.

With true love and appreciation,
K (and Z)


  1. Happy blogoversary! I hit 9 back in February. Funny to think how long some of us have been doing this!

    1. It's crazy. There's probably very few of us that still post regularly after all this time but it's definitely hard to leave altogether!

  2. Time Flores! Or flies, depending on what version of autocorrect you're using 😜

  3. Thank you for all the amazing blogs, and thank you for sharing yourself with us! :)

  4. Happy anniversary! I'm so glad to know you and to be able to scream about Diana Wynne Jones about you. Hug hug hug hug hug.