Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Release: All Summer Long

I was super excited to receive a review copy of Hope Larson's new middle grade graphic novel, All Summer Long. It's the story of Bina and the summer after seventh grade. From her changing friendship with Austin, the boy who has been next door all of her life, to her new opportunity to hang with his older sister, to the things happening within her own family, this is basically a story about how to cope with change. Some things work out well and some things don't in Bina's summer but it all comes together to teach her a bit about growing up.

With super realistic dialogue and simple artwork, this is a book that should speak to young teens for a lot of different reasons. Some will see their friendships with the opposite sex modeled in the one between Bina and Austin. Some will relate to getting that first babysitting job. Others will appreciate that Bina also has a gay older brother that is married and adopting. And lots of kids will relate to finding themselves through popular music.

I'm still building the stack of books to share with my nieces this summer. This will definitely be in it!

Lost in nostalgia,

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