Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Book Burning in 2008

I just finished reading an article about a mother in Oregon who didn't approve of the library book that her 13 year old son brought home. I applaud her for paying attention to what her son is reading and for bringing to the library's attention that the book may be shelved in an inappropriate age range. What I don't agree with is her decision not to return the book to the library and to BURN it eventually. Shame on her for teaching her son the wrong lesson.

Keeping warm without burning books,


  1. I don't understand the reaction to words that they need to be destroyed. As parents we need to take an active role in what our children are exposed to, but you can do that without making decisions for OTHER families and OTHER children.

  2. Oh my word, has she never heard of freedom of speech? Don't like it, don't read it, but to burn it? That is just plain crazy. And disrespectful.

  3. i agree with both of you. it's a freedom of speech issue, a respect issue and a parental boundaries issue.