Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Release: The Unfinished Clue

Welcome back to Heyer Mystery Week! The next mystery I read was The Unfinished Clue. This book has a lot in common with the one I reviewed yesterday. It has a host of unpleasant (to downright repulsive) characters and a budding romance. In fact, Heyer outdid herself this time in writing extremely self-centered and annoying characters! The main detective was probably the only wholly likable person in the bunch.

Yet, while Why Shoot a Butler? had a strong mystery, I found this one to be less so. The main clue was somewhat obvious and if we had a bit more information, it would have been rather easy to solve. The solution was unexpected but not shocking. There was no sense of danger or urgency as there was in Butler either.

So, while this book wasn't quite up to the standards set by the first Heyer mystery I read, it was still enjoyable. I have been in the mood lately for some stand-alone mysteries as a break from the Agatha Christie series and these all work well.

Keeping a pencil in hand to record my dying words,

Buy The Unfinished Clue on Amazon or find it at your local library.

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