Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seattle Bookfest - October 24 and 25

Are there any Seattle area bloggers interested in meeting up or traveling together to Seattle Bookfest in two weeks?

Lena? J.T.? Robin? Scott?

Do we have any other Seattle bloggers on here or book bloggers that will be in Seattle in two weeks? I've also posted about this on the Book Blogs group for Bloggers in the PNW.

From the website:
Remember the old Northwest Bookfestival on the waterfront?
How much fun it was? Well, it's about to happen again!

Seattle's Columbia City neighborhood is bringing it back October 24-25 at the Columbia City Event Center, a former school that's one block from the new Columbia City light rail station.

The resurrected fair will feature more than 100 local authors, including poets and writers of fiction, nonfiction, mystery, romance, fantasy, and children's books. In addition, the fair will showcase over 50 area bookstores, nonprofits, and small but influential publishers as exhibitors. There is also a long list of panels, workshops and special events including a spelling bee, SCRABBLE contests, bookbinding demo, and a How-to-Write-a-Novel-in-a-Month workshop.

It's from 10am to 6pm each day but I don't see a schedule of the events anywhere yet. There's a five dollar suggested donation to get in.

Rounding up the book blogging troops,


  1. I'm planning on being there :)

    My boss and I were joking the other day about counting it as "work time" since we ARE technically working ;)

    I wonder if Gavin from page 247 is also going to come. Another Seattleite :)

    Let me know what times you'll be there and I'll see if our schedules overlap :)

  2. Candleman, daughter and I are going to the Salt Lake City book festival on the 24th. When I saw your post, I asked my husband why we're not going to Seattle instead. He said why are we selling ourselves short. We both love the NW! As much as we'd like to come we have to go to SLC because our daughter has arranged for a brief video interview with Shannon Hale.

    Here's to next year . . .

  3. Yes! I'd love to meet up with you and other Seattle area bloggers (or bloggers coming into Seattle) during the Bookfest! What fun! I'll email you, Kristen.

  4. I'll go on Sunday...I'm signed up for the 24 hour read-a-thon on Saturday. Though as I live IN Seattle, I could tear myself away from reading for a little while on Saturday, I suppose.

  5. If I were closer, I would totally be there!!! Have fun and be sure to tell us all about it!!

  6. Saveophelia - Great! Do you know if there's an itinerary anywhere? I can't find when the talks and things are happening. Are you going to be there both days?

    Booklogged - I'm sad that you can't make it out but trading one book fair for another isn't the worst trade-off. :) Maybe you can come next year!

    Robin - Awesome! What day works best for you?

    J.T. - Ahh yes ... the Read-A-Thon! Well, let's see what days people prefer. I'm open on both days.

    Tif - Wish you could be there too!

  7. I'm not seeing a lot of "my" authors there, but it looks like a fun thing to bring the kids too -- lots of stuff targeted at them. I can be flexible about when.

    I have a friend who knows the CC neighborhood pretty well -- she just moved away but if we wanted to have coffee or dinner or drinks or something I could get some advice on where to go. There used to be a microbrewery somewhere around there....