Tuesday, October 31, 2017


How is it the end of October already?! Luckily I got my fill of RIP reads over the past two months with 25 perilous reads, 17 of them rereads. Yay!

I loved my massive Agatha Christie binge. I had great fun with audiobooks from Carlos Ruiz Zaf├│n and John Connolly. And I finished the event with a collection of ghost stories--Ghostly--collected by Audrey Niffenegger. With just two duds (I guess I am not really a fan of some modern ghost stories), this was a great collection.

So, I would stop the RIP reads now except that my hold on the audiobook of The Screaming Staircase just came in so I'm gonna need a few more days on this challenge ... ::wink::

What was your favorite read this season (perilous or not)?

Reminder: Witch Week is starting over at Emerald City Book Review today ...

Until we meet again ... in a dark alley, under a full moon,


  1. I am so impressed with your totals!! That's so awesome. And also like I said on my blog I'm SO EXCITED that you're liking The Screaming Staircase. That one is my favorite audio version. The series changed narrators every book until the fourth. The person who reads the third continues on for the last two books. Not sure why there were all the changes.

    1. I think going with rereads helped me this year because I already knew I could get into almost every story I picked up. And I do really like the narrator of The Screaming Staircase. I have a feeling I'll be binging this series through the fall and winter. :)

  2. I am massively impressed with your totals! I'm planning a big rereading project for 2018, which, you know. We'll see if I actually follow through with that or not -- do you think it would be something nice to do, like, as a blogging thing? Where other people could join in? Or do people not enjoy rereading enough for that?

    1. I know that I feel guilty sometimes rereading when I have unread books in the house and I bet other bloggers feel like that too. If I had a goal or a list for the year, kind of like this book provided or like DWJ March does for brief times, I would feel like it was acceptable year-round. If you find the energy/will, go for it!